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another simple music player 1.0.0

Technical preview of my new audio/stream audio player with playlists support. N

Download License: Downloads: Category:mobile - Video - Android

kAmMa`s Folder Player 2.2.4

For those of you who prefer an audio player that offers a folder structure rathe

Download License: Downloads: Category:mobile - Video - Android

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realtek ac97 audio player xp 98 kostenlos

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PocketMVP 0.8

This app is an Open Source multifunction video and audio player.

Download License:Freeware Downloads:4982 Category:mobile - Video - Windows Mobile

vMPlayer 1.0

Video and Audio player based on MPlayer. Support all popular media formats with

Download License: Downloads:1829 Category:mobile - Video - Android

Picus Player Lite 1.742

Picus player is a standalone audio-video player with rich features. Picus Player

Download License: Downloads:5679 Category:mobile - Video - Android

Doga Player 15.0.0

Doga Player is a simple movie player.

Download License:Freeware Downloads:1338 Category:mobile - Video - Android

yxflash Player 1.2.5

yxflash Player is a video player for mobile devices.

Download License:Shareware Downloads:189492 Category:mobile - Video - symbian s60 v3

yxflash Player 1.2.5

yxflash Player is a video player for mobile devices.

Download License:Shareware Downloads:189492 Category:mobile - Video - symbian s60 v5

yxflash Player 1.2.5

yxflash Player is a video player for mobile devices.

Download License:Shareware Downloads:189492 Category:mobile - Video - Android

Sompy Media Player 1.0.0328

The Sompy Media Player is designed for use on Windows Mobile devices.

Download License:Freeware Downloads:11685 Category:mobile - Video - Windows Mobile

VLC Media Player 1.1.0

VLC is a free and open source multimedia player.

Download License:Freeware Downloads:72192 Category:mobile - Video - iPhone

Meridian Media Player Autonomy 1.4.-1p

The most functional and customizable player for your video and music in phone.

Download License:Freeware Downloads:5373 Category:mobile - Video - Android

aVia Media Player 2.2.16972

aVia simplifies accessing personal media with one, easy to use, media player.

Download License: Downloads:11553 Category:mobile - Video - Android

i-Moment Player 1.0

i-Moment Player

Download License: Downloads:281 Category:mobile - Video - Android

Samsung Epic Audio Workaround 1.0

Provides a workaround for the "video records with no audio" Samsung Epic problem

Download License: Downloads:6031 Category:mobile - Video - Android

Flat chicken Audio Visual 0.9.13061.72794

Website app link to Flatchicken Audio Visual Installations

Download License: Downloads:869 Category:mobile - Video - Android

Viaway: Video Audio Radio TV 2.1.1

Internet video and audio podcasts, radio and live TV from around the world

Download License: Downloads:1355 Category:mobile - Video - Android

DS audio 1.3

DS audio allows you to stream music from Synology DiskStation to Android phones

Download License: Downloads:1503 Category:mobile - Video - Android

Flux Player 2.0.3

Flux Player enables you to use your Android device for transfering, storing and

Download License: Downloads:2602 Category:mobile - Video - Android

Uz Media Player(Beta, Video) 1.6

This is a video player to use with other apps at the same time. Even if the pla

Download License: Downloads:6235 Category:mobile - Video - Android

Smart Music Player 1.0

Smart Music Player is more than a simple app: It can learn what songs you prefer

Download License: Downloads:3257 Category:mobile - Video - Android

Human-Powered Player 1.1.1

Technology meets Art. Real steampunk player. You need to produce energy to char

Download License: Downloads:1295 Category:mobile - Video - Android

Just Player 1.67

This is simple Music Player. ampache music server supported. plugin: Album art

Download License: Downloads:979 Category:mobile - Video - Android

Kiss Music Player 1.0.16

Kiss Music Player is a simple music player. Kiss meaning "Don't be stupid, keep

Download License: Downloads:1210 Category:mobile - Video - Android

V On-line videos player

XVplayer is a streaming media player which is designed for mobile users. It is

Download License: Downloads:9388 Category:mobile - Video - Android

SR Player 0.1.3

** DEVELOPMENT RELEASE ** The I Love Student Radio Player allows for anyone to

Download License: Downloads:684 Category:mobile - Video - Android

Music Player Lock Screen 0.3.1

--THIS IS A BETA VERSION-- Music Player Lock Screen is a Lock Screen for the de

Download License: Downloads:1631 Category:mobile - Video - Android

W.Freebox Messages Player 1.0.0

Allow to play A-Law PCM audio files on your device.

Download License: Downloads:574 Category:mobile - Video - Android

KWAVE Radio Player 1.0.0

K-WAVE Christian radio player. Listen to the wave of living water.

Download License: Downloads:669 Category:mobile - Video - Android

Awesome Media Player Lite 1.2.2

Awesome Media Player is a whole new take on media players. While most other medi

Download License: Downloads:4351 Category:mobile - Video - Android

Sprout Player 1.3

Introducing the Sprout Player from your friends at Sprout. Now you can watch al

Download License: Downloads:336 Category:mobile - Video - Android

SID Player 0.5.5

SID Player is able to play music that was created on and for the Commodore 64.

Download License: Downloads:1021 Category:mobile - Video - Android

RTA Audio Analyzer 1.3

Turn your Android phone into a professional audio analyser with up to 30 bands.

Download License: Downloads:3458 Category:mobile - Video - Android

LinkStation Player LITE 1.3

LinkStation Player is a music player that streams mp3s over the Internet (via Wi

Download License: Downloads:1131 Category:mobile - Video - Android

Iconic Music Player 1.5

This music player does not try to be the most beautiful ( yet :-) ), but does tr

Download License: Downloads:529 Category:mobile - Video - Android

Cloud Player BETA 1.0

This app is a player for the digital signage contents. The contents are created

Download License: Downloads:549 Category:mobile - Video - Android

Very Simple Movie Player 1.0

Very Simple Movie Player Landscape Movie Player

Download License: Downloads:2741 Category:mobile - Video - Android

Astro Player 1.94

Powerful music and video player with audiobooks and podcasts support. Advanced b

Download License: Downloads:1589 Category:mobile - Video - Android

Car Cast Podcast Player 1.0.126

Car Cast is a simple podcast downloader and player. Optimized for daily commute

Download License: Downloads:529 Category:mobile - Video - Android

Pod Player 2011.07.15.1

The Pod Player is a dedicated podcast media player. Featuring a Library and Play

Download License: Downloads:1442 Category:mobile - Video - Android

Animated GIF Player 2.0.1

Watch 5000+ random animated gifs on your Android ! Animated GIF Player features

Download License: Downloads:1846 Category:mobile - Video - Android

Live TV Player 1.0

Live TV Player is one of the best apps for watching your favorite TV channels.

Download License: Downloads:12585 Category:mobile - Video - Android

Asti Media Player 0.9.27

Android media player for video (video playback tool)

Download License: Downloads:7029 Category:mobile - Video - Android

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